Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ventrilo behind a firewall

For some reason I don't think there has been a single person that has set up Vent behind a firewall, either that or they just haven't decided to write about it on any of the forums that I looked at.

Essentially Vent just needs to have outbound access to the server on the port you/your friends have the vent server listening on. Put this rule in your firewall and you will be granted with the message "the server is available, press connect" and/or "synchronizing". This is where I got stuck because according to the people at vent this is the only thing you need to do - anyway - I started monitoring all of my blocked connections and found out you also have to allow port 6100 outbound - this is evidently how vent connects to everyone else you're chatting with and syncs things up.

  1. allow outbound access to the vent server on the port it's listening on
  2. allow outbound access on port 6100
  3. profit
WP out.